Sunday, 2 August 2009

6 days until Afan...

...And my chainstays snap clean in two :(

Was out on a ride from Christmas Common this morning (with Mike and Noel), couple of miles in - on a flat bridleway - I am suddenly riding a lowrider!!!

Both chainstays had snapped clean in two. Apart from brake fluid leakage - banjo was pulled loose (all over the pads), and the gear cable getting ripped through the outer, I don't think there's any further damage (fingers crossed).

Skyline, in Glyncorrwg, are loaning me their demo ST4 for next w/e, so at least I can ride. Not sure what I am going to use for the Lotts Wood Race on Wednesday - don't really fancy it on a single speed.

So lucky it went on a flat piece of bridleway, and not at speed etc...


  1. Orange have got on the case and sorted a new 2010 back end. Being delivered to Glyncorrwg for Saturday, so should have my bike sorted by the time I leave Sunday morn.

    The more it sinks in - I can't believe how lucky I was to get away without getting properly damaged.

  2. You're commenting to yourself? Loser ;-)

    Correct though - you were lucky. thats a terrible failure and doesn't really reflect well on Orange and British engineering in general.

  3. and that is coming from British Young Engineer of the Year. I will take you, for credence, if I need to get more forceful with Orange.