Monday, 10 August 2009

Cannock Crew and the Wycombe massive Afan August 09

Classic weekend gents and good to see you all. Enjoy the pics
Bobbie Mac


  1. Good work Bobby Mac - some good ones in there :)
    Certainly was a good w/e, must get another one in the diary soon.

  2. Great pictures Bobby Mac! was an awesome weekend like the man Warfield said we need to get another one in the diary soon.

  3. Loving your work! Some good ones there for sure. Shame you couldn't have got any pictures of the midges' that have had a field day on my legs!! I look like i've got scurvey!! Quality weekend all in all.

  4. Wicked weekend, good fun and hard work, im loving my role as mopper upper at the back lol

  5. Hi Lads
    MC Here. Great shots. Thanks for getting some of moi with my tyres inflated. My front went down in the car so 6 flats in all.
    I enjoyed meeting all of ya and the accomodation was spot on.
    I normally race Cheddar as its the same people that organise Bristol Bike fest. Cheddar is basically 2 long climbs then with 2 descents after them the latter being an F-in long one. Great race.
    Good for Male Fun...
    Mike C

  6. Thanks MC (Little flash of white), you are really selling the Cheddar race! I will do the downs if someone wants to pull me up????