Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cheddar Bikefest??

Anyone keen to get a 4 man/ 2 man team in for the Cheddar Bikefest (sat, sun or both??) on wkend of 12th/ 13th sept?

Enjoy Affan people!


  1. Mr teacher sir - I think I have pulled you up on this before!!! It is Afan, not Affan...

    Well up for the bikefest, as long as I can choose how many gears i ride with :) Will check with the Mrs and see if I am free.

  2. Spelling aside - no one is giving me a trophy for male fun!

  3. We thinking of racing on the Sunday?

    It's my dad's birthday that w/e - so have some fishing and meal planned on the saturday.

    If Sunday though, count me in (would have to drive down in the morning).



  4. Fun category on Sunday was what I was thinking of. So if you're keen thats 2. Would be keen to do the pairs category unless anyone else is keen to make a 4? Drop us a line when you back from France and we'll get a 'team' registered - nice