Monday, 20 December 2010

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Monday, 20 September 2010

But it doesn't look like an energy bar....

Errmm...I was taping his knee.
Early days...Looking fresh.

1/2 way, just after lunch.

Ridgeway Ride (mtb)

93miles. 9hrs riding. 6500ft climbing. 6500 calories burned.Tough guy territory.

Riders: Mike "Ronan" Chappell, Paul "Lazy" Lasenby, Steve "Kenneth" Rouse, "Big" Rich Bull, Me, with a guest appearance from MattieT.

Big Rich and Lazy are caught under a blanket together (not for the first time):

Friday, 3 September 2010

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dates for your diaries...

September 25th - Afan w/e. Currently confirmed: Al, me, Bobby Mc +2. Maybees: Rich, Mike + 1.

Oktoberfest 16th October - 8hr Enduro. Team 1: Al, Si, Me. If anyone else fancies let me know or get on the website and sign up. Bobby Mac, surely you can put a team together.

Ps/ 25-09 is Bobby mac's birthday w/e, so beer o'clock. 16/10 is my b'day w/e, so beer o'clock.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bringing home the Silverware

Richard "the mountain goat" Latham, came home clear 2nd in Male fun in the Lotts wood Summer series. He was quoted as saying, "My childhood spent with a herd of goats high in the alps clearly must have helped..."

I fluked a 3rd in Masters, which I dedicate to attrition and mathematical statistics.

Friday, 21 May 2010


Posted some info on my 1x9 conversion last night, you might find it interesting (apart from the embarrassing inaccuracies in my chain length/shorter derailleur benefits):

If not, at least there's some pics of my shiny steed :P

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Follow the Dog Phase 2 Open!

Ridden a big section of the new dog a few times in the last week, a notch up from the old one for sure with fast stuff, steep stuff, jumpy stuff, red stuff and bits of black stuff. Best of all i have not ridden all of it yet. Russ and i are meeting on Bank holiday Monday for some more exploration. Will keep you posted. A few pics which don't really do it justice.

Afan March 2010

Hello Chaps

Just a few more pic's to add to Marks collection. A good weekend had by all. Good to see Al and Mark keeping up the side for the Wycombe massive. They were heavily outnumbered!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Afan, 28-03-10

After 5 days of solid rain, we anxiously crossed the bridge in to Gods Country, only to be presented by blue skies and sunshine. Those Welshies love us.

The sun held for the whole weekend. The trails had drained pretty well, a few puddles in places - but certainly nothing to complain about.

The Brum boys were running late (something to do with Andy, a shower and lather), so Al and I cracked on with The Wall. The Brum boys, lead by navigator Robert Franklin, got lost in between the trail centre Cafe and the start of the trail - so ended up riding Penhydd.

After the mornings ride, we headed over to Glyncorrwg to find a demo w/e going on. After a lunch of poached eggs, we decided to give a couple of bikes a go. Al took out a Cove Hustler and I decided on an Orange Blood.

The White's climb, on a 36lb downhill bike, is something I don't intend on doing again in the near future (especially when the seatpost height was no where close, so I had to stand the whole way).

Running out of time before the bikes had to be returned, we opted for the White's climb followed by the Skyline decent. At the top of the climb we lost navigator, Robert Franklin, so whilst the Brum boys waited for him to show (for all of 2 mins), Al and I cracked on back to the shop.

The Blood was awesome on the decent, soo much fun - nearly making up for the painful climb. I can't see myself buying one soon mind!

Bobbie Mac eventually got down, after being guided back on course with the help of the shops map and a mobile phone.

Saturday night went to plan - beers, steak, beers, laughs, one too many beers and bed.

Sunday morning we decided (hardtail lightweights) to ride Penhydd - it is shutting for a year after all. Love that trail.

Then it was off home (with a brief stop in a layby to sell a road bike).

Here's to the next w/e away. Happy days.