Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Follow the Dog phase 2, solo ride

Hi All

Been out quite a bit recently, took these pic's a couple of weeks ago out on the chase. The new phase of follow the dog will be open at easter, making it about 14 miles long. Sneaked onto it to have a look (did not ride it i might add) Looks interesting with new jumps board walks etc. Y'all will have to come and ride her!

Looking forward to Wales!

Use those Tesco's Clubcard points...


Saw this on Bike Radar today...


Don't know about you lot, but i seem to give thousands of pounds to these buggers every week, so get quite a lot of Clubcard points back - infact i have £18 on my fridge right now.

Would much rather spend them on this...


And its in Woburn Sands just outside MK, so not too far away.

Anyone fancy it, or am i going to have to spend the vouchers on carrots and beef!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Male Fun in the woods anyone???

The dates have been released for the 2010 Summit MTB clubs race series. Me and Mark did this last year, with MA doing really well and being recognised as the joint second best person for Male Fun (come on, we all know he's a left footer at heart and the wife and kids are just a smoke screen).

After his impressive 2nd place he is going to play with the big boys in the next category up. Me on the otherhand can't get enough of Male Fun and will be remaining in that category.

So who else is in.....

Details can be found at www.summitmtb.co.uk/racing.htm

Pre register for the rounds and then pay on the night.

Its a good laugh and is a bit of competition which is alway good.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Question(s) of the month

a> Has Tim started training for Afan?
b> Has Sssi rebuilt his Orange 5 yet?
c> Will Al ride Afan on his single speed or Orange?
d> Will Rich make it to Afan for the Sunday?
e> Will Russ get angry half way round W2?
f> Will Nick have to share a room with Bobbie Mac again?
g> Has Bobbie Mac ever slept with a man?
h> Will my tyre stay on the rim for a whole w/e?
i> Who will win the stealth build award 2010?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Cannock Chase Ride

Went up to Cannock this w/e to ride with Bobby Mac, Nik and Russ. Was a little surprised when we got there and there was about 1 inch of snow covering everything.
Ride was good, once my frozen hands had sorted their lives out. Highlights inclded Bobby knocking me to the ground and riding over me when I was trying to alleviate the cramp in his thigh, a snapped chain link and popped my tubeless tyre clean off the rim (v loud). Nobody else even fell off, let alone had a mechanical - at least I made the effort :)