Monday, 15 February 2010

Question(s) of the month

a> Has Tim started training for Afan?
b> Has Sssi rebuilt his Orange 5 yet?
c> Will Al ride Afan on his single speed or Orange?
d> Will Rich make it to Afan for the Sunday?
e> Will Russ get angry half way round W2?
f> Will Nick have to share a room with Bobbie Mac again?
g> Has Bobbie Mac ever slept with a man?
h> Will my tyre stay on the rim for a whole w/e?
i> Who will win the stealth build award 2010?


  1. Answers
    b) sssi has rebuilt orange 5 with shiny new bits and is testing it at club night ride tonight. Also have begun training on turbo trainer! This is almost getting serious! It'll never last......?

  2. Lovely work Sssi - did it hold together? How's it going on the turbo?

  3. Gears need some more adjustment - kept slipping. Due on turbo again today. Rain ......... What rain!

  4. Good work mate - 4 weeks to go until Afan.

  5. One working bike- check
    one working turbo trainer- check
    one working left knee- negative!
    One pissed off person- check

  6. Answer to question G : How could you forget Mark?! I thought it was special!

  7. MA ignores Bobbie reply, public forum is no place for that kind of chat.

    Sssi, how's the knee doing? what happened - snap it on the turbo?

  8. Sssi - re-reading this thread makes me sad: "This is almost getting serious! It'll never last......?" hope the knee is fixed asap.