Monday, 1 February 2010

Cannock Chase Ride

Went up to Cannock this w/e to ride with Bobby Mac, Nik and Russ. Was a little surprised when we got there and there was about 1 inch of snow covering everything.
Ride was good, once my frozen hands had sorted their lives out. Highlights inclded Bobby knocking me to the ground and riding over me when I was trying to alleviate the cramp in his thigh, a snapped chain link and popped my tubeless tyre clean off the rim (v loud). Nobody else even fell off, let alone had a mechanical - at least I made the effort :)


  1. Looks like you've spuffed all over that wheel ;-)

  2. Also, sounds to me like Boddy Mac initiated the correct reponse when another man reaches for your inner thigh

  3. I was only trying to help a man in need. Think I will be trying a slightly higher psi to keep the tyres on the rims (seems 25 is too low). Rare to get a SRAM chain snap, they normally leave that to Shimano.

  4. how did he manage to ride over you while you were fumbling with his thigh? Where you doing the treatment running along side him shouting 'come back, i need to rub this teflon greese into your thighs'? While all the time dressed in your roadie Lycra gear with your Chris Hoy racer helment on!!

    Did you see Sir Steve Peat up there? He was up there on sunday.

  5. Rich is clearly fantasising about us Mark...
    Seriously though up here in Cannock cramp is generally dealt with in a solitary manner. Sorry for over reacting Mark, It did not occur to me that your friendly gesture might be riding etiquette in Wycombe..!

  6. Try and help a friend in need, and look what happens!

    Front wheel all back up and running tubeless again - at 30psi! let's see if it stays on this time...