Sunday, 26 July 2009

Whilst it's clean...

» On-one inbred 18" Red.

» Hope "Team edition" green skewer. mmm.

» Charge Spoon Limited edition /100 saddle. You cannot buy these, oh no. USE carbon Sumo seatpost.

» Gusset Gold bling slink 1/2 link chain. Rasta spacers. DMR Chain tug.

» Hope xc front hub, Hope SS/Trials rear hub (Mavic 717 / DT Swiss 5.1), Orange stem and bars.
» Hope Mono Minis. Reba SL's. Middleburn 32t chainset with Royce BB.


  1. Nice, nice!
    All looks very shiny and new. Don't know why you aren' gonna use it for your race or for that matter in Affan - you know SS are designed for Affan - Come on - Man Up! If you didn't have all those moving parts on your other thing it would never have broken in the first place!

    Just got back from wk in france, eaten too much cheese,salami etc...First ride might be a killer! should get out wednesday. Mayb e get some more footage??

    Who's gonna be in charge of footage at Affan?

  2. Good shout Sssi! we were meant to get a head cam sorted! wonder if Mike will bring his.

    As for riding the SS in Afan (please note the spelling Mr teacher sir), it was never meant to be ridden there, ever, never...

    2 weeks until Al and I are in France, can't wait...

    When you coming down for a ride??? guess it will be September by the time we are back from Afan/Holiday - will have to get AJ to sort out a last summer bbq and get you over :)

  3. Just been out for a very wet blast around Longleat - starting to get to know the routes now.

    Just got back from France and it was uber hot.

    Anyone keen to get a team in for Cheddar Challenge?