Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sparky 3rd place at Lotts wood

Been meaning to get these pics put up on the blog for the last couple of weeks. Mark put in an awesome performance at the last Lotts wood race and secured a more than respectable 3rd place position only a minute behind the race leader!

The child in Mark's sights in the first picture isn't really representative of the rest of the field ;-) although he did do Mark on the first lap.

I have got some video footage, but my connection keeps dropping but will try and get it up later


  1. Can't believe I bring a professional camera man with me and the only shots he gets are me struggling to overtake a kid and one of me looking defeated by a small uphill :) 1 1/2 weeks until next race, gonna have to start upping the training...

  2. you know what they say...."all the gear, no idea"!!

    I think that is as appropriate fro MA as it is for Al with his super dooper camera!!