Thursday, 16 July 2009

4th time lucky...

The results are in, and finally we have an E172 member topping the table :) The times might look like they are slower than last race, but they have added a new section to the course :) Rich got an admirable 5th place after suffering a mechanical with his saddle that nearly earned him the nickname womble (one-ball) - you get it :) 3 weeks till next race, who's gonna join in?


  1. Alistair Worrell is effectively the Under 12s champion after winning round four as second- placed Jacob North (Summit) will be absent from the finale in three weeks time.
    Ben Aldridge (West Drayton MBC/Beyond Mountain Bikes/Specialized) is the first adult champion of 2009 after second place behind Summit’s Mark Warfield gave him an unassailable lead in Male Fun.

  2. Quote taken from the wycombe summit website (

  3. Self glorification is not a nice trait MA ;-)!!

    Joking aside, brilliant effort mate!! Real chuffed for you to win the race. Was tough going and you did really well to beat that kid on his griffter!!

    Like the womble joke, but again, having to explain your joke usully means its rubbish!! Although you were pretty close to the mark - saddle tuck up at an angle that would please a viagra user and it did bring a tear to my eye on a ouple of occassions (although a bit of pleasure as well :-) ). Had to stop for 2 minutes and borrow a set of allen keys, which inevitable took ages to find the right one!!

    Oh well, like i say well done mate, brilliant effort!!

  4. Like you once said to me Dickie, "sometimes you just got to give it to yourself..." Still not 100% sure what you meant, but the look in your eye scared me a little.