Monday, 14 September 2009

cheddar Bikefest

Si and I survived the Cheddar Bikefest yesterday, without any mechanical or falling off :)

Was an awesome day - pretty tough - two massive climbs to start with, flinty and rooty - then a single track decent. Si and I were both chuffed with how the bikes performed!

5hours of 20-25minute laps kept you on your toes. We fitted in 6 laps each, which at race pace, was enough! my legs started to cramp on the last lap (even though i had taken on 1.5l of water, 1.5l of energy drink, 4 gels and an energy bar).

Reckon we should get a few more pairs involved next year - could even do an overnight stay as it is set behind a really camp (static caravan) site.

Good work Ssi.

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  1. Lap times as follows:

    00:27:09 00:19:46 00:25:04 00:20:18 00:24:55 00:21:11 00:27:02 00:20:42 00:27:41 00:21:04 00:27:12 00:21:16