Sunday, 14 June 2009

One set of New (white) SPDs, One 4X Track, One Richard Latham = 3 crashes

Richard "The mountain goat" Latham showed no fear as he took on the 4X track at Aston Hill today (Sunday 14th June 09). In the warm up, before taking on the National graded XC track, he played with the 4X track only to fall on his chin, arm and left knee (simultaneously). Moving on to the XC course, which encorporates part of the Red downhill run, he picked a line through the trees...literally though a tree! crushing his finger (blood through glove) against his bars, and planting his other knee square into the tree! Without fear he moved back to the 4X track to expell some deamons, only to end up expelling more blood and skin - falling hard on his dislocated shoulder and snapping his watch in two (which took most of the skin on his wrist with it!)

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